spry team tuesday x sarah knysh

Meet the team behind Spry’s compliance solution. Each week we share stories from the team at Spry highlighting their journey to joining the team, the work they do, and some quirky fun along the way.

Sarah Knysh

Position on the Team: Director of Marketing

Hometown: Plattsburgh, NY 

Joined the Team: March 2020

Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did prior to joining Spry:
With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Masters degree in Sports Management, my entire career has been working in the sports industry. Starting out as a sports event coordinator, I moved on to product and event marketing with a focus on creating impactful marketing campaigns and building brand awareness for some of the biggest sports organizations in the world.

In your own words, what do you do at Spry:
I get to spread the word about Spry! We have a unique product in a brand-new marketplace, it’s my job to get the word out and educate our industry partners about the many ways that Spry can benefit their Athletic Departments.

What has been your favorite moment while being a Spry team member?
The afternoon that we landed our first partner was one of my favorite moments. Lyle Adams, our CEO, called a team meeting at 4pm on a Friday – ugh – but then shared the news that we had our first signed partnership contract. It was pretty special!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I have 3 young children, so right now most of my spare time is spent managing their awesome lives. But when I carve out time for myself it usually includes outdoor activities like snowboarding, playing golf, and running.

What is your favorite college sport to watch?
Football! The passion, excitement and tradition that exists around college campuses on Saturdays in the fall is captivating.

Did you play a sport in college? If so, tell us about your experience as a student athlete:
I played on the Women’s Golf team at Stetson University. It was a wonderful program with a lot of smart, talented athletes. And a great benefit of playing for a smaller school in Florida was that we played in really competitive tournaments with schools from all over the country. As a student-athlete I learned so much about time management and leadership on campus and on my team. Some of my best memories from Stetson are from traveling and practicing with my teammates.

What is your biggest hope that NIL unlocks for student athletes?
NIL empowers student-athletes! Student-athletes have a chance to represent themselves however they want – right now – it’s up to them to chase down that opportunity and make it count.

If you could give one piece of advice to student athletes, what would it be?
Keep building your network. It is so important to make connections and maintain those relationships as you move forward with your career.

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Lyle Adams


Lyle was a member of the 2007 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship team at Wake Forest. After embarking on a professional soccer career, Lyle transitioned to the tech industry, where he was one of the first 100 employees at Uber, designing platforms and tools for data consumers. Lyle also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from Columbia University.