BEYOND NIL – Workflows to record student-athlete’s employment

Beyond NIL SA

Spry Offers a Tool to Record Your SA’s Employment

In addition to the enriching experience of being a student and an athlete, your student-athletes may also pursue employment and/or internship opportunities to both make money and gain real world experiences. In supporting such endeavors, it is important for your department to have a clear, easily accessible log of employment information. 

Within Spry’s Admin Portal, there is a custom employment workflow that allows athletic department administrators to record student-athlete employment information and ensure all necessary details are obtained and on record. One of over 30 workflows available to all Spry Customers, the Employment Workflow allows the entire process to be completed digitally. Upon initiation of the workflow, student-athletes can submit their employment information and even have a hiring manager sign-off on the details. This makes it a breeze for safety, security, and compliance purposes at the click of a button.

Provide comfort to your department in knowing that this important information is on file and readily accessible.

At Spry, we understand your needs and we have you covered every step of the way!

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Lyle Adams


Lyle was a member of the 2007 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship team at Wake Forest. After embarking on a professional soccer career, Lyle transitioned to the tech industry, where he was one of the first 100 employees at Uber, designing platforms and tools for data consumers. Lyle also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from Columbia University.