Spry Assists Athletic Departments in Compliance with the NCAA’s Transformation Committee Requirements by Revolutionizing Student-Athletes’ Experience

Spry x NCAA Transformation Committee

The NCAA Division I Transformation Committee has set forth a series of guidelines for D1 Athletic Departments to meet the ever-evolving landscape of college sports. These new standards include the need for enhanced academic and personal development resources, as well as a focus on mental health and wellness for student-athletes.

Spry is helping athletic departments meet these requirements through a wide range of educational resources specifically designed to help student-athletes excel both on and off the field. In addition, Spry’s educational portal provides comprehensive metrics allowing administrators to track who accessed and reviewed the required content. 



Spry’s team of compliance professionals will conduct a comprehensive department review for your athletic department. In addition, Spry will provide necessary compliance education for campus partners such as the Registrar’s Office, Admissions, Financial Aid office, Faculty Athletics Representatives, and other pivotal stakeholders within your institution.

Health and Safety

Spry has also partnered with licensed practitioners to conduct required departmental health and safety reviews. This assessment will go beyond merely checking the box but will provide your department with useful recommendations to assist in your efforts to promote and protect the well-being of all student-athletes. In 2022, more than 60% of college students met the criteria for at least one mental health condition. As such, Spry has also prioritized the delivery of mental health services in our health education curriculum.


Spry’s robust educational library provides training modules across a wide range of topics. These topical areas align with the specific educational initiatives required by the NCAA’s Transformation Committee and are tailored to the needs of student-athletes, coaches, and staff.  Industry leaders and content area experts have carefully curated each module to deliver the most relevant information in the following areas: 


  • NIL
  • Transfer requirements

Career Preparation

  • Financial literacy
  • Professional development

Health and Safety

  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Strength and conditioning


  • Campus sexual violence prevention/Title IX
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training

Upon completion of each module, attestations will be automatically generated through Spry’s mobile app for student-athletes and/or staff members to complete. These reports will allow departments to demonstrate compliance while streamlining the administrative burden!  

Why Spry?

The NCAA’s Transformation Committee’s recommendation will place added responsibilities on Administrators, specifically Compliance personnel.  With Spry, administrators can provide resources to help develop a more informed, socially conscious, well-rounded student-athlete! We share in your mission to provide student-athletes with the tools and resources they need to succeed in college and life beyond athletics.

Contact us today to learn how Spry can help your department satisfy the NCAA’s Transformation Committee requirements.

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Jackson Donanue


Jackson graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 where he was a 4-Year Starter and a Captain of the Men's Basketball team. Prior to joining Spry, Jackson gained experience in an array of different industries including Technology (SaaS), Hospitality/Operations, eCommerce (Start-Up), and Consulting. Jackson also holds a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Columbia University.