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Why Choose Spry?

With so many companies offering different solutions for athletic departments, the search for a technology option can become overwhelming and confusing. At Spry, we focus on a few core values that separate us from other software options.

‘Partners’, not ‘Customers’  

When an institution signs a contract with Spry, we make it clear during our first meeting that this is a true partnership. We work with our partners to set expectations, goals, and to ensure that Spry is guiding your department to get the most out of the platform. At Spry, your voice matters. We cherish our customer’s voice and we strive to incorporate customer feedback as we develop new product features.

Not your standard Customer Success experience

Support is everything and Spry realizes that. Spry’s support team is with you every step of the way. Whether you are a Power 5 institution or a Junior College with a limited number of sports teams, our support team will provide the same white glove solution and provide you with as much support as you need. As part of this, you will have a personal, dedicated customer success guide who will work with you every step of the way. 

A mobile app that your students will enjoy

Spry paperwork mobile

Phones and technology are the norm for today’s generation of student-athletes. As a result, they rely on their mobile devices to accomplish their tasks. What’s more, their expectations for mobile solutions are compared to the likes of Instagram, Uber and other mobile-first solutions. At Spry, we have the highest expectations to meet these standards. Spry’s mobile app is built to handle everything a student-athlete would need to accomplish, reducing the need to go to a computer to fill out a form, communicate with their coaching staff, or check their calendar. Spry is redefining the student-athlete experience and thus will make you much more efficient!

Flexible technology that grows with you

Technology evolves and so should your software solutions. Spry prides itself on the fact that we push updates to the platform on a weekly (if not daily) basis! Similarly, your athletic department’s needs will also change, and you deserve a solution that can iterate with you. Spry is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your school’s workflows may not be the same as other schools, your compliance weekly hour rules or bylaws may differ from others, and your compliance solution must be flexible enough to address those unique needs. 

Experience the “Spry Difference” 

Spry’s products were built with the goal of streamlining processes across the entire athletic department, from administration, to coaches and student-athletes. Our cutting-edge technology will improve your department’s efficiency, ultimately allowing you to focus on what is important…student-athlete success.  

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Lyle Adams


Lyle was a member of the 2007 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship team at Wake Forest. After embarking on a professional soccer career, Lyle transitioned to the tech industry, where he was one of the first 100 employees at Uber, designing platforms and tools for data consumers. Lyle also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from Columbia University.