What is a Booster in college athletics?

A booster is an individual who contributes financially to an athletics program. A booster club is an organization that is formed to contribute money to an athletic department, specific sports team. Booster clubs are generally run and organized by the alumni, parents of student-athletes and general fans of a program. There are many rules around booster club involvement at the collegiate level.

What activities are Boosters allowed to participate in?

Boosters are allowed to make general donations that support and athletic program or team, but may not make financial contributions to a specific student-athlete. Boosters may provide NIL opportunities to student-athletes that that constitute a legitimate business arrangements and may also provide general employment opportunities that, provided said opportunities did not come about as a result of an impermissible benefit.

What activities are Boosters not allowed to participate in?

Boosters are not allowed to participate in the recruitment of a perspective student-athlete on behalf of an institution. Booster are also prohibited from providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes that are not available to the general student body.