What does RARA stand for?

RARA is an acronym created by the NCAA that stands for Required Athletically Related Activities. Within the NCAA’s Division I autonomy structure, Required Athletically Related Activities are ones that include any activities, including those that are countable in the daily and weekly limitations, that are required of a student-athlete.

Examples of Required Athletically Related Activities include, but are not limited to, compliance meetings, organized team promotional activities, recruiting activities, including student host duties, media activities, fundraising events, community service events, team-building activities and travel to and from away from home competitions.

Per NCAA rules, Required Athletically Related Activities may not occur during a student-athlete’s designated “off day”, and are prohibited during a continuous eight-hour period between the hours of 9pm and 6am. RARA activities are also prohibited during the seven-day period beginning the day after a student-athlete’s or team’s last contest or date of competition of the championship segment, or the day after the declared championship segment of the playing season concludes.