Title IX/ Title 9

What is the purpose of Title IX?

The purpose of Title IX as it relates to college athletics is to ensure fair treatment between genders and equal access to athletic opportunities for everyone.

What does Title IX protect against?

Title IX is intended to protect against discrimination on the basis of gender within intercollegiate athletic programs.

How does Title IX affect college sports?

Title IX affects college sports by requiring all institutions that receive federal funding provide equal access to athletics opportunities by meeting at least one prong of the three prong test: (1) proportionality, (2) program expansions, (3) accommodating abilities and interest of the underrepresented gender. It also requires fair treatment in each of the 12 areas commonly referred to as the “laundry list”: (1) Scholarships, (2) Coaching, (3) Facilities, (4) Recruitment, (5) Equipment, (6) Scheduling, (7) Team travel, (8) Tutoring, (9) Medical Services, (10) Housing and Dining, (11) Support Services, (12) Publicity