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Spry Announces Educational Partnership with Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley

Spry partnership will provide student-athletes with educational resources across a variety of financial topics.

Spry is excited to announce its recent partnership with Morgan Stanley! As an educational partner, Morgan Stanley will provide instructional content to the over 100 institutions and 20,000 student-athletes on the Spry platform. As an industry leader in the financial arena, Morgan Stanley shares a common goal and vision with Spry to assist young people in preparing for a sound financial future! 

The first fruits of this educational partnership is a series of modules aimed at teaching students basic strategies for saving and investing. Future educational efforts will focus on various topics aimed at increasing financial literacy and business acumen. Acquiring basic financial skills is not only an essential component of a student-athletes ability to fully capitalize on NIL, but it is also a critical skill set for successfully navigating life beyond college. Through this partnership, Spry will be uniquely positioned to assist thousands of student-athletes in their professional endeavors.

Spry CEO and founder, Lyle Adams states, “We are delighted to align with Morgan Stanley in the effort to equip the next generation with financial life skills. Through this partnership, we feel we can provide an educational experience that not only enables them to take full advantage of NIL, but sets them up for success in life beyond college!”

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Jackson Donanue


Jackson graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 where he was a 4-Year Starter and a Captain of the Men's Basketball team. Prior to joining Spry, Jackson gained experience in an array of different industries including Technology (SaaS), Hospitality/Operations, eCommerce (Start-Up), and Consulting. Jackson also holds a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Columbia University.