Top 5 Ways to Engage With Student Athletes Over the Summer

Summer Student Engagement

Summer is here and student-athletes are gone from campus.  Usually this time of year is a little slower and more quiet, it’s a time for reviewing the past season and preparing for the next.  But, after a year of uncertainty for our country and NIL changes on the horizon, college athletics will not have any down time this year

Communication is always key but especially in times of change, below we have included a few ways to connect with your student-athletes this summer.

1. Communicate NIL updates via email

Many student-athletes attend college in different states, towns, and cities from where they attended high-school. After a challenging year of virtual learning away from campus, student-athletes might not be aware of the various state laws surrounding NIL legislation.  Athletic Departments should stay on top of their local laws and inform student-athletes of NIL changes.  Of course, this will increase the workload of the Athletic Department and compliance staff as student-athletes may have questions about what falls under approved NIL opportunities.  We recommend that you review your local NIL Bills and have an understanding of the timing in your state (and any adjacent states that might have passed NIL legislation).

2. Remind student-athletes of some FAQs

Q: Is there a limit to how much money I can make?

A: No, there is no limit, provided the compensation you receive is the result of a legitimate business activity and is in line with fair market value for your locale.

Q: Can I use the athletic facilities at my school to run camps and lessons?

A: Yes,  however you will need to pay the established rate to rent those facilities from your school.

Q: Can I raise money through crowdfunding to supplement my scholarship?

A: No.  While you are allowed to raise money through crowdfunding for charitable purposes or to cover actual and necessary expenses for athletic participation, crowdfunding may not be used to cover expenses for tuition, room and board or books associated with the cost of attendance.

Q: If I am on full athletic scholarship, will my scholarship cover expenses associated with NIL activities or taxes?

A: No.  Any associated fees or expenses related to NIL opportunities will be completely your responsibility.

Q: Can my coach help me identify NIL opportunities?

A: No.  No one associated with your school may assist you in securing an NIL opportunity, however they can provide you with general education about the process.

Q: Am I allowed to sell my game worn jerseys and other apparel?

A: No.  You are not allowed to sell items provided by the institution, including awards and apparel retained at the end of the season, until you have exhausted eligibility.

3. Discuss local opportunities

Remind student-athletes that local NIL opportunities may pop up while they are home for summer. If a student-athlete is approached with a business opportunity, they should reach out to their compliance department for advice on next steps.  This summer will be confusing as different states have different legislation containing different rules and regulations.  The onus falls on the student-athlete to ensure they communicate with their school and remain compliant with all NCAA and school rules.However, student-athletes should not enter into any NIL agreements before July 1st to remain compliant with existing NCAA rules. 

4. Share NIL news stories

As NIL legislation passes in states around the country there will be a lot of coverage in the news.  By sharing stories of both success and failure you will empower your student-athletes to make good decisions should they be approached with an opportunity to capitalize on their NIL. Discussing best practices allows student-athletes (and those guiding them) to make a personal connection with others going through the same process.

5. Prepare an NIL Survival Guide

Review the NIL Bill in your state and prepare a guide that your student-athletes can reference if they are approached for an NIL opportunity while they are off campus for the summer.  The Guide can be simple and include a link to a summary of your state’s Bill and 3-5 questions that student-athletes should ask before committing to any sort of NIL deal.  This will give student-athletes 

Spry’s platform is the perfect resource for all areas of NIL.  Should you have any questions feel free to email our team at [email protected].  We would love to answer any questions on how to prepare to help your student-athletes!

Sarah Knysh
Sarah Knysh


Sarah Kynsh is a seasoned professional in sports marketing and PR. With over 10 years of experience in the sports industry, including working with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Known for her strategic thinking and innovative approach, Sarah has a proven track record of delivering successful marketing campaigns and driving business growth.