spry team tuesday concert x

All of the watercooler talk about the glory days, collegiate athletes and sports had the Spry team thinking about the past. This week it got a little silly and we asked the team: 


What is the first concert that you ever went to?

  • American Pie – Ellen Zavian
  • Sunsplash in Jamaica: 94Lyle Adams
  • Eagles – Barbara Walker
  • Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake “Legends of the Summer” Tour at Fenway Park in Boston, MA – Jackson Donahue
  • The Beach Boys – Matt Suchecki
  • New Kids on the Block at “Giants Stadium” – Sarah Knysh
  • Prince.  It was an incredible show with two encores! – Todd Hairston
  • Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings on the banks of the Ohio River. – Keith Martin

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