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Team Tuesday MLB

Tonight Major League Baseball is hosting the “Midsummer Classic”, also known as the All Star Game.  The ASG is a true sign that summer is halfway over, with baseball taking a break to celebrate the fan favorites we thought we should see who the Spry team will be watching for the second half of the season.

Who are you rooting for, the American League or National League and who is your favorite baseball team?

    • National league.  Go Dodgers!! – Christine Simmons
    • Kansas City Royals – Barbara Walker
    • I’ve always been a National League guy. Disappointed with the universal DH but will still be rooting for the NLers.  Although I didn’t have a true home team growing up in NC, I’m a third generation Dodger fan. My favorite baseball moment is still the Kirk Gibson home run in ’88. – Todd Hairston
    • The Yankees – Ellen Zavian
    • American League! Boston Red Sox! – Jackson Donahue
    • I’m rooting for the American League and my favorite team is the Detroit Tigers. – Elizabeth Bulat
    • I am rooting for the National League: they are due for a win. I believe they’ve lost the last eight All-Star game to the American League. My favorite team is the Dodgers. 
    • I’m rooting for the American League, as I have been a lifelong fan of America’s team, the New York Yankees! – Matt Suchecki
    • Always the American League! After growing up a die-hard Yankees fan, I now support my kids’ addiction to the Houston Astros.
    • National League. The Reds – Keith Martin

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Lyle Adams


Lyle was a member of the 2007 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship team at Wake Forest. After embarking on a professional soccer career, Lyle transitioned to the tech industry, where he was one of the first 100 employees at Uber, designing platforms and tools for data consumers. Lyle also holds a Master’s in Sports Management from Columbia University.