What is failure to monitor in college sports?

Failure to monitor is typically a Level II infraction within the NCAA’s enforcement structure, but may be deemed to be of a Level I nature if the failure is substantial or egregious.

What actions would cause a school to be cited for a failure to monitor?

Each institution has an affirmative obligation to monitor and control its athletics programs, its representatives and its student-athletes to ensure compliance with the constitution and bylaws of the Association. When a school is negligent in this responsibility by not taking reasonable, proactive steps to meet this obligation, it is vulnerable to a failure to monitor finding.

How would a school prevent being cited for a Failure to Monitor infraction?

A school could prevent a Failure to Monitor violation by instituting practices and, devoting adequate staff and resources to detect noncompliance within its program.

What are the penalties for a Failure to Monitor violation?

Probation, fines and scholarship reductions are some typical penalties for a Failure to Monitor violation.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is a term used to refer to athletic scholarships, merit scholarships and need-based grants received by student-athletes or other sources of aid intended to cover a student’s educational expenses. Of these financial aid terms, one of the most often used is “full-ride” which describes a scholarship that covers the full cost of attendance.

Do student-athletes get financial aid?

Student-athletes may receive athletic financial aid within NCAA maximum limits, and may also receive need-based financial aid, provided they demonstrate sufficient financial need.

Is financial aid different from scholarships?

Financial aid is an umbrella term that can include grants as well as loans. Scholarships typically refer only to grant money

Do all college athletes get full ride scholarships?

No, all college athletes do not receive full ride scholarships. The amount of athletic scholarships can vary based on a number of factors.

How much money is given in athletic scholarships each year?

Over $3.6 billion dollars are spent annually in athletic scholarships for student-athlete