What is publicity?

Publicity refers to activities that occur in the presence of the media or the general public?

Is publicity permissible during the recruiting process?

Prior to a commitment, the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete may not be publicized.

What is a promotional appearance?

A promotional appearance is an activity in which a student-athlete uses their name, image or likeness to promote the interest of a commercial entity, an educational institution, charitable organization or themselves.

Can student-athletes participate in promotional appearances?

NIL legislation has allowed student-athletes to participate in events and appearances while receiving compensation. The promotional appearance should be reported to the school so that compliance staff can confirm student-athletes may represent themselves and the Institution with the brand hosting the appearance. Prior to the passage of NIL legislation, student-athletes were permissible to participate in promotional activities on behalf of their educational institution or charitable organizations.


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What is a postseason in college athletics?

Postseason refers to the period of time after the conclusion of the regular season during which conference championships, NCAA championships and bowl games are played.

When does the postseason start in college athletics?

The postseason begins following the conclusion of the last regular season contest.

How does compliance differ during an active sports season versus the postseason?

Postseason contests are exempt from the maximum number of competitions sports teams are allowed under NCAA rules.

Can student-athletes participate in NIL deals during the postseason?

Student-athletes are permitted to participate in NIL activities during the postseason.

Are playoffs and championships held during the regular sports season or the postseason in NCAA sports?

Playoffs and championships occur during the postseason period.